The two-time NSE Esports University of the Year

We are one of the best esports societies in the UK,
and strive to be the most progressive esports society in the country.


What is Warwick Esports?

Warwick Esports is the home of everything gaming at the University of Warwick! We are one of the best university esports societies in the UK, with a dominant history in the university scene and are the back-to-back Esports University of the Year (NSE).
The society aims to bring people together who enjoy playing games, watching esports as a spectator sport or those who are completely new to games and are looking for a friendly atmosphere to learn in. We want to give you the best experience possible with your time here and cater to all kinds of players, whether competitive, casual or inbetween.


The Warwick League society was rebranded into Warwick Esports in mid 2017, uniting most gaming communities in the university under one organisation. Ever since, Warwick Esports has been dominating the UK university esports scene. Under the leadership of the 20/21 exec team, the society has undergone a rebrand to make the society as diverse and inclusive as possible.

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