League of Legends


The discord server for the League of Legends community at Warwick. Used as the primary way to talk, play or meme anything League of Legends/TFT related.
We have several competitive and casual teams participating in the NUEL and NSE. We also have daily custom/ranked/ARAM games with all members of the society, occasional tournaments (Ultimate Bravery, hide & seek, TFT, etc) and even frequent events such as LANS, Sports Sundays, meals out, etc.
There are no requirements to join the discord as we welcome absolutely anyone!



Welcome, gamers, to Warwick VALORANT: Your one stop shop for everything VALORANT within Warwick Esports. We’re also the home to the Warwick Dire Wolves, a consistently top 8 team in NSE, the NUEL and UKV. We also field less competitive teams if you’re just looking to play the game. Even if you don’t want to compete, feel free to join and just queue with some of the people in the server.

Rocket League


The Warwick Rocket League Discord server is the central hub for any and all Rocket League players at the University of Warwick, however casual or competitive.
We put forward several teams to UK University-wide tournaments such as NSE and NUEL throughout each year, as well as running our own in-house tournaments. We also have a custom in-house Ladder system where anyone in the server can play and climb the Warwick Rocket League Leaderboard.
If you have any interest in Rocket League at all, feel free to join our server; there’s bound to be a place for you here!



Join the CS discord to hear about the tournaments, leagues, watch parties and more that you can join in throughout the year. We aim to field a mixture of competitive and casual teams for the NSE and NUEL leagues so don’t be afraid to join in, whatever your rank!

FPS Games


The catch-all server for FPS titles that aren’t CS, Overwatch, Rainbow Six: Siege or VALORANT. The main activity here is Apex Legends. We also have a fair few Escape from Tarkov players and we support Call of Duty, Destiny 2, Diabotical (+rep if you know this one) and any other FPS (or TPS) that you want to play.



Whether you want to flex your latest plays of the game, chat about the latest OWL developments, or just find someone to finally boost you out of gold, you'll be at home with Warwick Overwatch.
We are a community open to players of all skill levels and playstyles. Some of the events we run, range from PUGS, arcade games and in-house tournaments to OWL/OWWC viewing parties, either in person or online.
Being a team-based game, there is a strong focus on joining one of our Overwatch teams, casual or competitive. We pride ourselves in helping each other to improve as both teammates, and players, leading to us historically having a very strong 1st team, the Warwick Angels, which was the 3rd best UK University Overwatch team last year.

Rainbow Six: Siege


Rainbow Six: Siege is objectively the best tactical shooter to ever exist. Whether you're a hard anchor, roamer or Ash main, we'd love to have you come play some games with us!

Warwick Card Games


Warwick Card Games is a hub for all online card game communities with players from games such as Hearthstone, Legends Of Runeterra and Magic: the Gathering Arena. We are a small subcommunity, however we welcome everyone and anyone to discuss your latest theorycraft deck, review games and to generally chill! If you just dabble in card games or you are a returning player, none of it matters! Come join the server and we welcome you with open arms!


These are smaller communities hosted within the main Warwick Esports discord.
Head to #role-request to grab the appropriate role for the community you want to join!

Community Games


Party games for when tryharding isn’t your style. Join us for some of the most critically acclaimed games of all time. Such as Among Us, skribbl.io, agar.io, Jackbox, and many more.

Fighting Games


From the hype that is “The Daigo Parry” to the historic memes like Pogchamp, without the Fighting Games Community the esports landscape would be very different. In comparison to other areas of the esports world, the fighting game scene is rather small but is constantly growing more and more diverse. It only makes sense that our ever growing esports scene here at Warwick would expand into this territory.
Introducing the Warwick Esports Fighting Games Community, open to everyone of any skill level, whether you mash kicks as Chun-Li in Street Fighter or can land nutty conversions in Dragon Ball FighterZ. If you want to sweat your way to becoming a Mortal Kombat pro or just want to kick back and play some good-ass Tekken, this is the place to be.

Rhythm Games


The rhythm games community at Warwick tries to encompass every rhythm game around; from mobile to VR and everything in between. It is a place for you to flex your scores or discuss why the ranking-system in every rhythm game is terrible, or maybe even organise a game every now and then. Regardless of your level of skill, you are most welcome to join our brand new community.



The Starcraft community at Warwick, whilst small, is a place for enthusiasts of either Starcraft 1 or Starcraft 2 to hang out to talk about strategy, organise games, discuss ongoing tournaments, or just chat about the game in general.
Starcraft is a complex real time strategy game, with the franchise often considered a major contributor towards the contemporary rise of esports. Whilst often being overshadowed by other competitive gaming franchises, with Starcraft 2 now being free-to-play, it has never been a better time to try it out.
Therefore, If you are willing to give Starcraft a try, or are just coming back to the game after a long hiatus, then feel free to join our fledgling community.

External Communities

Both DOTA and Smash are hosted by societies external to us (by Warwick DOTA and Warwick Nintendo Society respectively).



We have a friendly community of Dota players here at Warwick Dota, across all skill levels, from Guardian to Immortal. As a society, we aim to bring Dota players of all skill levels together. So that we can all learn and improve together. Warwick Dota is the previous three time consecutive winner of the King of the North tournament (2014-2017). Now with the introduction of Dota into the NSE we aim to retain this reputation as one of the best. Feel free to join our discord through the link above and introduce yourself! We have people available to play every day, so jump in and have fun.

Super Smash Bros.


Super Smash Bros. has had a strong competitive community at the University for many years, and has found a home with the Nintendo Society. The society’s Smash Wednesdays events support both casual and competitive play, with friendly tournaments at the Uni almost every week. We cover most Smash Bros. games, though mainly Melee and Ultimate. Our players often also attend external tournaments (with varying success), but looking forward to making a name for ourselves going forward!

Contact our team

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