Our mission

Experience and inclusivity

Our priority is your experience. We want to make sure you enjoy your time here as much as possible, whether it’s chill gaming, competitive university matches, casting games or anything else. We will have something for everyone, with events ranging from casual to competitive, and everything in between!

Diversity – women and esports

Diversity within the society is an important issue to us, and one of the largest issues esports faces is gender disparity. We want to actively tackle this, and aim to host talks and push initiatives that support women in esports.

Stepping stone

We want to serve as a stepping stone into industry and help people who want to get more involved in esports. We’ll support you whether you want to get into casting, streaming, production, video editing, coaching, esports journalism or anything else! If you just want to try it out or if you want to take it seriously, we’ll have something for you.


We currently support several games in the society - whether it's an esports title or a casual game, as long as there's a demand for it, we'll support it! Head over to the games page to find out more about each community and how you can get involved.

Contact our team

We always love to hear from industry figures, students, alumni and organisations about opportunities and promotions we can offer our members.
Please get in touch using the social media information provided.